5 Common LinkedIn Profile Mistakes Made by Job Seekers

LinkedIn has become a mecca for recruiting and identifying top-tier talent and on a daily basis our organization uses LinkedIn to find college students and recent graduates for entry-level positions.  Without fail, we come across LinkedIn profiles with errors and in today’s job market; this could to be a fatal mistake during the job search process.  Today, we will highlight the FIVE common mistakes made by job-seekers.

  1. Errors and improper use of grammar: LinkedIn is one resource we use for finding top tier candidates that meet the needs of our clients. Errors on your profile can turn a potential employer off.  Have someone review your profile before you make it public.
  2. No profile picture: Including a profile picture allows an employer/recruiter to identify you on a more personal level.  Your photo should be professional in manner and should not include inappropriate content.  Think about your driver’s license or school ID, only you belong in the photo.
  3. No summary or poorly constructed: Your summary should be an expansion of your headline/title.  Include important details regarding coursework or experience as they pertain to the opportunity you are seeking.
  4. Profile is not broken into sections: Most job seekers simply upload their resume to LinkedIn, however this is not the best approach for creating an effective profile. Organize your profile: 1. Summary 2. Experience 3. Education 4. Charity and volunteer work 5. Extra-curricular activities 6. Achievements/awards 7. Contact information 8. Companies 9. Groups. You can also include projects and publications where you deem fit.
  5. GPA, to use or not to use:  A poor GPA can turn a potential employer away but a good GPA can be beneficial.  Our rule of thumb is DO NOT include your GPA unless it is above a 3.5. If an employer decides GPA is a deciding factor in hiring a candidate, they will ask for it.  Don’t give them a reason to walk away before you have a chance to interview.

A well-crafted and error free LinkedIn profile can be advantageous during the job search process for both candidate and employer. Do yourself a favor and methodically create a profile that highlights all your strengths as a potential employee.


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